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FAQ - PRIME xpose beds


• Double click the object (bed/rug/etc.)
• If the menu appears it's already ON. Otherwise you'll have to wait until everything has loaded (info will be displayed above the object during loading), when everything has loaded click the object again for the menu.

• To switch-off, select ' Options >> ShutDown', and select Shutdown again (but you can leave it on after use)
• If you can't access the menu, you can force a shutdown: click and HOLD for more than 5 seconds.

• Select a submenu containing poses, poseballs will appear automatically
• Click a poseball to take position (when asked to Animate your avatar, click 'Yes')
• Select a pose from the menu, the animations will start
• Select 'SWAP' to change positions. With 3 poseballs or more you might be able to cycle through different combinations (depending on what's defined in menuitems). Select the pose again to return to the start position directly.
• To remove the balls, select 'STOP'


Can I adjust the animations in my new bed?
Yes you can

Are PRIME beds Xcite! and/or Sensations compatible?
PRIME Furniture have chosen not to enable Xcite! and Sensations configurations in order to make room for more animations, lower lag and increase stability.

Does my bed have facial expressions?
Yes, but not for all animations. To save memory and make room for more animations, we have chosen not to use facial expressions with some of the animations.

Can I turn off the facial expressions?
Yes, you can. Click "Options" (Owner only) in the main menu, and then "Face" to turn facial expressions on or off. Default is ON.

I want my friends to be able to use my bed, but it doesn't rez poseballs when I'm not there. What is wrong?
You have probably rezzed the bed when wearing the wrong group tag on a parcel where building/rezzing is restricted to group only. Change the group to the land group, and your bed will work properly.

How do I change the group I have rezzed my bed under?
There are two ways to do this.
A: Pick up your bed, check that you wear the correct tag, and rez it again. (Tip: Use the "Restore to last position" option if that option is enabled in your viewer.)
B: Select you bed and choose edit from the popup menu. Change the group in the general tab.

Can I change textures on my bed?
Yes you can. All our xpose furniture is modifiable.

Can I resize my bed?
Yes you can. All our xpose furniture is modifiable.

Be aware that you might have to adjust positions after resizing etc. Don't forget to take a backup of the positions and paste these into the .Positions notecard to ensure that you don't lose your hard work. (See the adjustment menu notecard above for more info)

Why doesn't my bed have sound effects?
Our experience and customer replies have told us that most users don't want sound effects. Therefore we have chosen to be very restrictive with the use of sounds in order to make room for more animations, lower lag and increase stability.

Can I add my own scripts to the bed?
We strongly suggest that you don't. The Xpose scripts rely on the correct permissions to work, and the bed will self destruct (That means disappear completely!) if you add a script with other permissions than the scripts inside your bed.

I have a rezzer, and I want to add my bed to it. Is that possible?
Do NOT use no copy/transfer beds in rezzers, since they will be lost forever when you unrez. For use in rezzers, you need a copy/no transfer bed.

I need a copiable bed, but can't find it in store.
Copiable beds are sold on request only. Please contact the creator of the bed you are interested in for an offer.

My bed has disappeared. I want a replacement.
Because our beds are transferable, we are unable to replace your missing bed.

My bed has disappeared. Where is it?
There is a number of reasons why your bed may have disappeared:

A Someone you have allowed to modify your objects may have taken it.
- There isn't much to do, unless the person who took it is willing to give it back to you. Lesson learned: Be careful when granting modify permissions.

B Your objects have been returned.
- Your returned objects are in your Lost and found folder.
If you can't find your bed there, look for icons that look like stacked or broken boxes. These are so called coalesced, bundles or soft linked objects, and are named by one of the objects it contains. Rez the coalesced objects anf pick up the items separately.

C Your inventory doesn't load properly.
- Clear all your caches, log off, and log in at a Linden water sim. Stay there until your inventory has loaded completely, and you will probably find your missing items. If your bed is still missing, please file a ticket to Linden Lab for help with inventory recovery.

D You have added a no transfer script to a transferable bed or a no copy script to a copiable bed.
- There is nothing you can do. The bed will self destruct and be removed from the grid.

My bed suddenly stopped. What happened?
The Xpose engine will force quit if you click and hold for more than five seconds. This can also happen in a laggy sim. Click it again to restart. Wear the land group tag to start it.

My bed doesn't respond to clicks.
The bed is probably shut down and and needs to be restarted. Wear the land group tag and see if this helps.
If this doesn't help, your bed needs to be reset. Right click and select edit, then select
Tools -> Reset scripts in selection (v1 viewers)
Build -> Scripts -> Reset Scripts (v2/v3 viewers)

Build -> Scripts -> Reset Scripts

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