lørdag 24. mai 2014

New garden set available for 25 hours only!

I've been quiet for a while, but here we go with a new round of 25-for 25, a sale with a twist.

25 creators from across the grid offer new and exclusive items for 25 hours the 25th of the month.
Prices vary from 25L to 100L

I'm still in an outdoor summer mood, and have a new garden set on offer.
Every item in the picture can be bought in two different ways:

1: Transfer items from the gacha for 25L per play
2: Copy items from the single item vendors for 75L per piece.

The set is displayed in the mainstore lobby, next to the landing point.
The vendors should also be easy to spot.

The vendors will open at midnight SLT, that's 00:00 the 25th, and close at 00:59 the 26th.
You have 25 hours, and then they will be *gone*

tirsdag 22. april 2014

In my garden - by PRIME for the Collage

The April round of The Collage opens the 23rd, and PRIME is back after a month with focus elsewhere.

I've made a garden set with everything on the picture: From ground cover and fences to street lamps and decor. Each item is sold separately to let you mix and match your own garden.

The furniture is original mesh made by yours truly, and come in two sizes: One scaled and animated for average avatars, and one for those of us who prefer an avatar size closer to our RL height.

As usual: All items are copy and mod.

fredag 18. april 2014

Major new release at PRIME and PRIME 1:1

What's new at PRIME this week?

Quite a lot, frankly!

I have modeled and animated a new living room series, which comes in two main versions, both of them in two alternative sizes.

Furniture for average SL avatars is found in the mainstore
Furniture built to scale and adjusted for realistically sized avatars is found at PRIME 1:1 next door .

The purple and green Empress is for the bold of you, with rich velvet in strong colors: There is a total of four texture versions of the Empress sofa and chair

The Taupe and Teal Island retreat living rooms are muted, and made to match the best selling Island retreat bedrooms. These also have total of four texture versions of the sofa and chair

And to match them all:

All items are materials ready, and though they look perfectly good without, they are best seen with a materials capable viewer with advanced lighting on and shadows off.

Prices before 24th April:
Armchairs 200L - Will be 400L
Sofas 400L - Will be 800L
Trays - 99L - Will be 300L
Table - 60L - Will be 150L
Plants - 50L - Will be 100L

mandag 10. februar 2014

Coming soon!

These Art Deco armchairs and loveseats in this springs trend colours should offer something for every type, taste and orientation.
The armchairs have three animations each, and each colour comes in three variants: Feminine, androgyne and masculine sits.
The cuddle loveseats come with lesbian, gay or straight cuddles. -and in all colours of course.
There's also a cute coffee table to match.

Available exclusively at the

-and exclusive means exclusive. This set will not be sold after the event.
50% of all proceeds  go to PFLAG, an out of world organization that brings together and supports the families of the LGBT community through education and outreach.

For more information about PFLAG's mission, please check out the website at: http://community.pflag.org/

Watch this space for a SLURL on Wednesday!

lørdag 8. februar 2014

Imperial Livingroom - New release

There are no sales at PRIME this weekend, but we do have a brand new living room suite for you:

I love Art Deco, and present a low LI original mesh set that should suit modern as well as classic interiors. All parts except the fabrics have advanced materials, and are best seen with advanced lighting on, but should look good without too. All items have a land impact of 2 or less. The set has a total land impact of 24 as shown, but this can be lowered by linking items.
The armchair has feminine, masculine and androgyne sits, while the loveseat has feminine, androgyne and masculine sits, plus cuddles for straight, lesbian or gay couples.
PG versions only at this time.

The Collage is still open, but you have to hurry to get there as it closes by midnight Sunday
Excluxive items at The Collage will be for sale in the main store from Monday.
This set uses advanced materials: It looks good without, and better with materials on!

This month's Challenge theme is "Heaven" - which (among other things) spells "Nebula" to me.
The living room set that accompanies the Challenge artwork is a cousin of the set at the Collage.
PG and adult versions are available in the respective stores, and even a BDSM fireplace upstairs in Adult. This set uses advanced materials: It looks good without, and better with materials on!

torsdag 23. januar 2014

Nantucket living room on sale

The Nantucket Living room suite must go to make room for new designs, so everything on the picture and a couple of items more go on Steals and Deals sale this weekend.

This means that more than 20 (I lost count) different items are 50% or more off until Monday, and then they will be gone.The Nantucket bedrooms are NOT included in this offer.

Have a nice weekend!

torsdag 9. januar 2014

Weekend offers 10th - 13th January

Steals and Deals - Adult store

Steals and Deals Main store

My 60L Secret - Main store

Steals and Deals Main store

Steals and Deals Adult store

Steals and Deals Adult store

Steals and Deals Main store

Super Sales Weekend Adult store