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Our XPOSE engines

PRIME Offers 3 different XPOSE bed engines:

The Sapphire engine is completely PG. It has 396 animations (198 pose sets) ranging from (rezzable and wearable) breakfast in bed via workouts, a whole lot of fun, friends' animations, massage and relaxation to couple cuddles.
There are buttons to give you food, clothing etc.
Price: 1999L$

RUBY Edition:
The Ruby edition gives you everything from the Sapphire edition, but also an extensive menu with top quality sex animations for one male and one female avatar. This edition has 902 animations and 451 pose sets.
Price: 4999L$

DIAMOND edition:
The Diamond edition gives you everything from the Sapphire and Ruby engines, plus FF cuddles and sex, MM cuddles and sex, and 3somes (FFF, FFM and MFM) cuddles and sex animations. 1334 animations in 621 pose set in total.
Price: 6999L$

All displayed beds and in the mainstore are Sapphire editions, while the displayed beds in the adult store are Diamond editions. Now and then we also make theme beds with different engines. These will be clearly marked to differentiate them from the standard engines.
Feel free to test our beds before you try, but keep in mind that this is a shop and you should act like you would in a RL shop.

This means:
Keep your clothes on, hide your private parts, and keep adult chat in IMs.
Nudity and public sex in Moderate regions is against Linden Lab TOS, and we will have to remove you from the sim unless you stay dressed.
Neither we or you want that, so stay dressed, be nice and have fun!

If you want to try our beds naked and accompanied by adult chat, you will find several different suites and rooms in our hotel

All bed designs (unless specified) are released in Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond editions, so once you have picked your design, it's time to choose your gem.

Some of you will ask what happened to the BDSM menu.

Only a small number of our BDSM animations are suitable for a bed, so we have chosen to take them out of the bed engine and make BDSM cabinets to match our beds instead. 
We haven't made many of them yet, but there are a few. Please contact us if you want a BDSM cabinet to match your bed and can't find one!

So, what happened to the Lesbian beds?
We have chosen not to make 100% lesbian beds for a number of reasons:
Many of our lesbian customers have asked us to add animations for MF sex and MFM/FFM threesomes. - Which is what we did when we made the Diamond edition. The Diamond edition will give you the lesbian animations from the old Lesbian engine, all the new ones we have found, as well as the 3somes and MF sex animations that many of you have missed in the Lesbian bed.

If you have questions, please contact Winona Wiefel or Reven Rosca.
The online signs on the wall will tell you who is online.

If we are not available we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Both IMs and notecards are welcome :)

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